5 Best WordPress Form Plugin 2018 Updated

In today’s world almost every website uses a form to make the communication easy without revealing email addresses to the spammers. If you own a website then most probably you’re using a form too. WordPress form plugin has made the job real easy for the developers and site owners to integrate a dynamic, intuitive but useful means of getting in touch with the visitors.

But to be honest, WordPress Form Plugin does a lot more than just creating contact forms. WordPress Form Plugins in 2018 are being used to create awesome landing pages with checkout forms, registration processes and many more complicated things like the front end user interface.

Usage of WordPress form plugins is another title itself and we’re not going to do that in here. Rather we’re going to explore the 5 best WordPress form plugins in 2018.

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin:

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin
Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin: Best WordPress Form Plugin 2018

If you’re fan of free WordPress form plugins then you must love contact form 7. Contact form 7 has been the love of WordPressians from the beginning. It’s still the best in the market for basic form requirements. Contact form 7 has the highest inboxing rate than the other form plugins in the market.

The best part of the deal is……Contact form 7 is absolutely free and most widely used WordPress plugins of the world.

It comes with the basic form requirements and experts can make it work with any WordPress themes. Both premium and free WordPress themes use Contact form 7 plugin for its well-earned reputation.

You can download this free WordPress form plugin from the repository.


Gravity Forms | Best Premium WordPress Form Plugins Ever

Best Premium WordPress Form Plugins
Gravity Forms

Contact Form 7 is a great form plugins and I don’t dare to confront that but let’s be honest…..can contact form 7 do all the things that we need it to do? How about attaching an image? How about attaching a file and send it via contact forms? Can they be done via Contact Form 7?

The short but the most effective answer will be, NO; unless you know how to code!

So, where to go when we need these contact forms do a little bit more than the regular tasks?

The easy and the best effective answer will be buying a Premium WordPress Form Plugins that offers these extendibility.

Well, that was easy, right? But which one should you buy? There are hundreds of Premium WordPress Form Plugins that offers almost the same feature and all of them claims to be the best in the market. What to do?

Go with the best popular one will be the most suitable answer. Thousands of people can’t be too wrong about the same product, right?

Gravity Forms is the most popular WordPress Premium Form Plugins and we can assure you that they haven’t gained the popularity by chance. These guys have done a great job with the product that satisfies most of its users.

Gravity Form Features:

Gravity Form comes with a wide range of eye popping features that are not only very easy to use but also very useful. Some of the main features of Gravity Forms are as below…….

  • Easy Form builder for quick form building.
  • Multipage complex form building with easy form editor.
  • Conditional field implementation feature.

Schedule forms, a very handy feature that can easily improve your conversion rate to double. Forms can be scheduled to appear and disappear in a timely manner. Cool for the conversion rate optimization.

Reasonably priced starting at $39/year including updates and support.

Available Addons: PayPal, Mailchimp, AWeber,, Zapier, Twilio and FreshBooks.

Addons comes with a separate pricing model and could be found on the main site.

=>>Buy Gravity Form Plugins from the link here.


Ninja Forms: Best WordPress Form Plugin 

best WordPress form plugin 2015
Ninja Forms: Best WordPress  Form Plugin in 2015

Ninja Forms is another popular WordPress Form Plugin. The basic version is free to use but there are non expensive useful addons to extend Ninja Forms functionality. If you’re just a beginner level WordPress form plugin user then there is a slick chance that you’ll like Ninja Forms over Gravity Form.

The Freemium modeled Ninja Forms is free but in comparison with other popular form plugins, Ninja Forms is pretty expensive.

While other premium WordPress form plugins are bundling all the necessary addons, Ninja Forms are selling individual addons for single site licenses and it could result in paying way more than the others.

That’s the reason we warn you to decide whether to go with Ninja Forms or not. This decision could be very expensive in the future.

Features of Ninja Forms:

  • The free model extends lots of useful feature and freely distributed via the repository.
  • New form preview mode is a nice handy feature for the beginners.
  • Import and Export feature is also very handy at times.
  • Lots of hooks and filters for the developers, makes it easy to manipulate the form or build a form framework.

Few Exceptional Ninja Forms Add-Ons:

Ninja Forms Add-Ons could be expensive at times but they’re the most diversified of all. You can find some really useful and popular services that supports Ninja Form via Add-Ons. Some of the exceptional add-ons are….

  • SalesForce CRM Add-Ons
  • Pushover for Android and IOS.
  • ZOHO CRM Add-Ons.
  • Trello Add-Ons.
  • And many more……….

Prices for the Add-Ons starts at $19 but the licensing is for single site only, will not be too suitable for serial entrepreneurs.

Ninja Form is free and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. Follow the link to download Ninja Form

You’ll find the premium extensions at this link 

Quform-WordPress Form Builder

Quform-WordPress Form Builder
Quform-WordPress Form Builder

Quform is the most popular WordPress Form Plugin at CodeCanyon. The reason, I love CodeCanyon or any other Envato Market Places is that, they maintain a standard quality for their products. No self-bragging as each and every product is reviewed accordingly and most of the approved products there; are proper QC passed.

But the best thing about CodeCanyon is, they’re dirt cheap. Updates are for life without any extra cost and support is mandatory for products that requires support. Basically CodeCanyon or any other Envato marketplace is providing high quality products at a dirt cheap price with world class support. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Enavato?

“The amazing WordPress plugin that lets you build forms in seconds.”

This is the slogan Quform likes to use for their product and we would not blame them if they claim so….because it’s true. You can literally build beautiful forms in WordPress within seconds.

Eye Popping Quform Features are…….

  • Fully responsive forms
  • Unlimited Forms
  • 15 Forms elements
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Live form builder
  • Tons of options
  • Cross browser compatibility and
  • World class support
  • Continual updates
  • New features being added frequently
  • Free updates for life.

4.74 user ratings out of 5 by almost 1800 users. Pretty high rating indicates high quality product.

Latest WordPress Version Compatibility and guarantee of updating to support the latest version reduces the security issue to a darn lower level.

Highly reasonable pricing at only $28 for single site license.

Warning: You’ll need to buy separate licenses for individual sites. No multi site licensing is available. Extended licensing could be bought but needs direct contacting.

>>Link to Quform WordPress Form Plugin…………

Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form

best WordPress form plugins in 2015
Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form

Did you know that your WordPress sidebar could be your savior? Yap, it’s true. A stylish sidebar WordPress contact form can do wonders for you. How cool it’ll be if your visitor don’t have to jump to another page to contact you? It’ll definitely increase your engagement, might bring you additional leads too.

Ninja Kick WordPress Contact Form is a clever plugin that lets you gloat like a star. Your visitor will love the intelligent placement of the contact form and will definitely get you the impression of a smart webmaster.

Sidebar Contact Form

CRM Looking Contact Form Button that looks just like the social share buttons of Share This social plugin. Floats along while you scroll up or down and appears when hovered.

  • Multiple variant and styling could be highly appreciated.
  • Several preset styles to choose from.
  • Fully responsive
  • Cool eye popping animations and many more features will simply blown you away.
  • Multi lingual supported

You can’t love it more……

Ninja Kick WordPress Contact Form is not a replacement for the Gravity Forms for sure but if you’re not looking for too much extendibility then this will definitely amaze you.

Ninja Kick Contact Form also comes with all the additional Codecanyon facilities like life time updates and super-fast quality support.

Continual enhancement of the product is almost confirmed and the best part is…..reasonably priced. At this moment…… only $18 for a single site.

Warning: If you’re a multi site licensing fan then this will be expensive for you. You might consider buying the extended version. Extended licenses allows you to use the same product on multiple sites.

=>>Ninja Kick WordPress Contact Form Plugin Download Link is here…<<=

I can go on and on and the list will continue to grow as there are thousands of other WordPress Form plugins that are improving every day. They will make the hall of fame someday but not today.

So, if you’re looking for a premium WordPress Form plugin then I suggest you choose one from our list and we’re pretty sure that you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Be warned that our 5 best WordPress form plugin 2018 will be updated time to time. If you’re unsure about anything then don’t hesitate to let us know. Adios amigos.

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