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Best Responsive Email Templates 2019 – Free Download

Email marketing is still the most lucrative marketing method to gain returning customers. Businesses are using email as their most successful method of generating revenues for years. Undoubtedly email marketing is very effective but it’s also throwing money away if not done properly. So, you need best responsive email templates of 2019.In most cases, people are not doing it right, resulting in unsuccessful email campaigns. Well, guess what? Don’t blame email marketing if it’s not successful, in most cases it’s a poorly designed unprofessional campaigns that don’t see the light of success.

Free email templates are great as these don’t cost money. But being only free doesn’t make them the best email templates. Before we walk you through some of the best free email templates, lets learn what best free email templates mean?

What Makes An Email Template Great?

Email templates may look like a website but it’s not the same as a website. Email templates are made by HTML and CSS but the structure and the use of the templates are different.

Here are a few things that make an email template a quality template.

Look: Look is a must as this could determine the success rate of your email campaign.

Trendy Design: Along with a great look a modern email template has to be trendy else your emails might look back dated.

W3 Schools Validation: The codes used on the email template have to w3schools validated otherwise it might look crappy.

Table Based: Table based designs are obsolete in web designs but for the email tempaltes they’re still pretty much standard as email service providers still don’t support the div base designs.

Can Spam Standard: Can spam standard must be followed otherwise your mails will be going to the spams directly.

Easy Customization: Templates has to be easily customizable, else it would be hard to use it for yourself.

No CSS Shorthand: Short hand CSS codes should be avoided as it would not appear correctly on the browsers.

Browser Compatibility: Your email templates have to be browser compatibility tested otherwise they’ll be showing ghostly emails in your clients email.

Responsive: Responsive email templates are the best for the mobile crazy super-fast net generation. Without this feature you’ll be loosing more than 50% of your subscribers.

Unsubscribe: It’s a must if you’re not willing to go to jail for sending emails or if you don’t like lengthy law suits. Make sure these buttons or links are working and they are customizable.

CTA: It’s the most important thing for you as the email sender as CTA is going to justify your purpose of sending emails to them. Bold, noticeable CTA is a must have quality for professional email templates. CTA is abbreviated as “Call To Action”, you probably know that already.

Last but not the least, devices and clients compatibility of email template. So many devices and so many email clients, it’s on your poor shoulder to bear it in your mind and make all of them happy, else your mails will be starting to see more spam light then the inbox warmth.

I hope you’ve gone through every one of them to make your email campaigns more successful than ever. Now, let’s go through a few of the best free email templates that we’ve selected for you.

Disclaimer: Freebies are not always the best suit for the professional email campaigns. Our list doesn’t ensure these templates are following all of the best practices of email template development. We don’t advice to use these freebies for professional purposes.

Zurb University Responsive Email Template

best free email template
 Live Preview

It’s a great looking email template. The template is the outcome of the playground from the Zurb University. Not the best suit for professional purposes but it’s responsive for sure.

Don’t support Outlook 2007 and onwards.

Too much usage to the same subscriber could be a bit problematic in Gmail Mobile.

Have some issues with Hotmail both the mobile and desktop version.

No support as it’s a freebie.

Here’s the download link.

Green Village HTML Template

Free best email templates
    Live Preview

Green Village HTML Template is a clean, minimal and mobile supported free email template. The best thing about this template is it comes with the PSD files too. PSD is layered but hard to say how much professional is it.

Browser, devices and email client compatibility is unknown.

Issues are not known and developer has provided no documentation as well.

Support is not provided as it’s a freebie.

Download Here

Emailology Responsive Email Template

Free Responsive Email Template
View Full Template

It’s a great looking responsive email template that works with most of the email clients. Clean and minimal design is it’s forte. This free email template is from the email on acid and it’s supposed to be a little better as they deal with emails.

No support is available.

Documentation is a bit better than the others.

Has some issues with Blackberry but the good news is BlackBerry is no longer a big deal.

Here’s the download link.

Tempo – Responsive Free Email Template

Responsive free email template
View Full Demo

Tempo is a very nice looking clean but colorful HTML Responsive Email Template. Tested and recommended by Litmus, looks really professional. It’s great for blog updates and newsletters. User friendly navigation, eye catching CTA and minimal use of images makes it a great email template.

Support is not available.

Documentation is not detected but it’s easily customizable.

Email Opt-in is required for initiating downloads.

Here’s the link if you’re interested.

WOOSHI  Responsive Free Email Template

Responsive free email template
   Click to  View Full Template

It’s a beautiful, professional looking email template is perfect for product filled newsletters. Responsive design and combination of images with heavy text makes it almost ideal. Litmus tested and recommended one of the best free responsive email template available in the market.

Support is not available as it’s a freebie.

Litmus test shows a promising result.

Documentation is not available.

Downloading requires email Opt-in.

Here’s the link if you’re interested.

You can find lots of free email templates on the net but we’ve tried to gather the best free email templates in a place to make your search easy. Let us know if we have missed something in the comments section. If you have something to share or want to advice other templates to be included in the list, please feel free to drop a few lines.