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15 Best Resume Templates 2020 For All Job Seekers

Are you looking for a good job? You need some exclusive resume templates that will grab the attention. Follow the list of 15 best resume templates 2020 below.

Writing a resume can be a challenge for most of the people. People who lack creativity finds it difficult to write a good resume. Writing a resume is not all about giving information of educational qualification or job experience. It is also about reflecting your personality. You want your resume to stand out from all the resumes. Of course, you want the best job for yourself, so it is fair enough to wish for the best resume. If you are unhappy with your current resume or facing trouble to make one, a resume template can make your work easier.

There are many sorts of resume templates available on the web that are focused on different sectors. some are modern, some are traditional, and some are a combination of both. Some give you the feeling of a more serious one while others create the more vibrant image of the applier. Here are some best resumes that you can use for applying to your suitable job.

Editor Picks

Resume Template – Mark

This clean professional resume template is made in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and MS Word aka Microsoft Word. It is simple, professionally organized and labeled so any beginners can edit and use it like a professional.




Resume Template Features:

  • A4 (ISO International) paper size
  • US Letter Paper Size
  • Main 2 Page (Resume + Cover letter)
  • Black & White Versions
  • Quick and easy to customize templates
  • Professional and clean structured files with Well-organized layers and layer groups
  • 300 DPI(Dot per inch) resolution & CMYK color mode Fully Editable in PSD, AI & MS Word.
  • Instruction file on how to edit the files yourself
  • Well documented instructions and font file web links

What Files are Included?

  • 8 PSD – Adobe Photoshop File
  • 8 Ai – Adobe Illustrator File
  • 8 Indd/Idml – Adobe Indesign File
  • 8 DOCX- Ms Word 2016 Version File
  • Help guide
  • User Guide with Step by Step Tutorials (With screen shots for easy customization)
  • Free Font Weblinks
  • Files work with Adobe CS6 and Above Versions



Top 5 Best Resume Templates 2020

  • Clean and Modern Look Resume Template
  • Professional Clean Resume Word/In-design Template
  • Creative, Clean, Modern and Professional Resume Template
  • Resume Word Template / CV Template With Super Clean and Modern Look
  • Clean Modern Look Resume/CV

1. Clean and Modern Look Resume Template

Best Resume Templates

Potential employers will have a hard time to throw away your resume if you submit a resume that if fully informed. That is why you need to look for 2 pages resume template. incorporating all the information in one page will make your resume look odd and ugly. If you want to submit a detailed resume, don’t hesitate to make it a two pages resume. This resume comes with a wave of sea-green color to border the top. Light turquoise color has also been used to highlight some segments. There is also a circular spot for adding your picture. if you want to change the color, you can change it using simple editing tools on Canva.

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2. Professional Clean Resume Word/Indesign Template

Best Resume Template

This is a modern resume template created on Canva that stands out from all other resumes. This three-color resume will give a dynamic yet professional look. Write your name and profession with white color on a sky-blue palette placed at the bottom of your photograph. The sky-blue subheadings stand out even though they are written in a small font. Make your resume more visual by using icons to portray your contact details instead of relying purely on text. Also, use bars to show your skills. If you don’t like the color combination you can personalize it by using drag-and-drop tools.

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3. Clean Resume Template

Best Resume Templates

Get a stylish resume that reflects your creative personality. This clean resume template is designed with grey and white background. There are two columns for giving information in a different background color. You can choose any color for using in the background. Remember that using light background colors will give a more professional look. Use a blue palette over your picture to write your name. Highlight your name by writing it in any color that stands out. It has used icons to give the contact details beside the name. A pop of color has been added to highlight the experiences. Use bars to showcase your triumphs. You can customize the colors and the design according to your taste.

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4. Professional Elegant Resume Template

Best Resume Templates

You can combine traditional style with modern infusions to make your resume look attractive. This monochromatic resume comes in black and white color. The top part is used to write the name and the below part for giving the details. The details are partitioned into two columns. One column presents information in paragraph style while the other one shows information in a modern bullet point style. Make a circular spot to embrace your photo. You can add other elements to customize your resume depending on your taste.

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5. Professional, Clean & Modern Resume Template

Best Resume Templates

This resume is focused more on personal information rather than your experience and skills. If the job you are applying for requires good interpersonal skill, you can use this resume template to attract the company owners by giving a long description of your nature. Other details come in bullet points. This monochromatic resume comes in a grey background and simple black fonts. A spot is created for inserting your picture before describing yourself. This is a simple resume template from Canva. You can change the colors to personalize it.

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6. Creative, Clean, Modern and Professional Resume Template

Best Resume Templates

You can still get a professional resume template that looks attractive without using any picture. This modern and slick resume template by Canva uses only two colors. Bright color has been used to highlight the headings. A short description in the black font has been given under each heading. Bars have also been used to show the professional and personal skills. The overall look maintains a sense of minimalism to keep the official feel. You can always customize the design and the colors with Canva. There are tons of tools available to make the desired changes.

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7. Resume Word Template / CV Template With Super Clean and Modern Look

Best Resume Templates

Get the attention of the HRs to notice your resume with a conventional yet elegant design. This elegant resume template is designed in a way that is suitable for all occupation. This is a masterpiece. It gives a lively yet a professional look. This resume template uses a grey background that is suitable for all occupation. To keep it simple black fonts have been used. It also has a spot for inserting your image just beside your name. bars have been used to show skills. You can easily stretch out for a bolder look if you want to highlight things more.

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8. Resume / CV Template With Super Modern and Professional Look

Best Resume Templates

Stand out from the crowd by using a creative resume template. This is the best resume for graphic designers. This modern resume by Canva comes with sea green palette. There is a place for inserting the picture on the sea-green palette. The details are written with a white color that pops out on the sea-green background. To give more visual effects, social media signs have been used. There is another side of the creative resume template that is colored white. Headings have been written with sea-green color with geometric shapes. Signs used on the right side of the geometric shapes indicates the text written in the geometric shape. You can modify the designs further to get your desired one.

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9. Clean Modern Look Resume/CV

Best Resume Templates

Want a resume with the simplest and still want it to look interesting? Take a look at this modern resume template created by Canva with the simplest design. It looks very elegant with its simplicity. The long introduction makes the resume very interesting. Partitions have been used to provide information on different sectors. A black and white picture adds a cherry on the cake to its elegance. You can add colors to highlight specific points. With the help of drag and drop tools, you can customize your resume on Canva. It is easy and time efficient to edit the features of this resume.

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10. Elegant Resume/CV Template

Best Resume Templates

Get noticed in the job sector with this most informative resume template. This resume template is designed to carry all sorts of information about your- personal and professional. Both the sectors are given equal importance. The name has been written on a vibrant blue bar using white fonts. You can customize the color using simple editing tools on Canva. The subheadings have been written with the same Yale blue color. Social media signs have been used instead of texts to make it look more attractive. Bars have been used to show skills and interests. You can easily edit the features according to your preferences.

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11. Resume Word Professional Template

Best Resume Templates

Get potential employers to notice your resume with an unusual geometrical shape. the name and picture given in the unusual geometric shape make the resume very eye-catching. The minimal usage of colors gives it a more serious feel. Also, light colors have been used to make it look more professional. A light grey palette has been used on the left side of the resume. You can change the color of the palette according to your needs. You can also add other elements if you want to give it a more vibrant look. There are a lot of editing tools available on Canva which are easy to use.

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12. Professional and Clean Resume Word Template with both A4 & US Letter Size

Best Resume Templates

Be sure to get a call from the HR with this outstanding resume that boasts your personality. It creates a modern impression yet with a traditional vibe. This template makes use of an unusual slum blue color to give a traditional look. You can add a black and white picture at the top to enhance the traditional look. the fonts are written in modern style with some modern signs to denote the texts. To enhance the modern look bars have been used to show the skills. You can personalize it depending on your taste.

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13. Professional & Clean Resume/CV Word Template

Best Resume Templates

Attract the hiring managers with the latest resume template of 2020. Show the hiring staffs that you are well updated with the latest world. Add a unique banner at the top with your full picture with your name written on it with bold letters. The simple and elegant design gives a feeling of seriousness. The resume is perfect to show you are a serious person with an interesting personality. Showcase your skills with bars. You can replace your picture with the tools provided on Canva and keep the top background simple.

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14. Feminine Resume/CV

Best Resume Templates

Make your resume look attractive with the feminine resume template. Reflect the attraction on your resume of being a woman. Doesn’t matter whichever job you choose, it is always a bonus point to be attractive. Also, the employers are mostly male. Attract them by giving a little feminine touch on your resume. This monographic resume enables you to create a subtle approach. You can make this resume template more stylish by adding some colors. There are various ways to make it look more feminine. Use Canva editing tools if you want to leave a more feminine impression.

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How do you choose the best resume template for you?

To choose the best resume you need to keep in mind a number of things. They are

  • The target audience
  • Company culture
  • Reflection of required skills
  • My profile
  • Personality reflection
  • A good balance between audience and personality
  • Experience
  • Contact information

The target audience

You will have to keep in your mind who your target audience is. If you are applying for any position in a fashion house you have to understand that you have to be a little creative with your resume. If you are applying in a corporate office, you have to keep a corporate feel in your resume. The idea is that you have to prepare accordingly depending on your audience type.

Company culture

Company culture is the environment of the company. Some company are open and gives the opportunity to your new ideas and give equal importance to freshers. Other companies have a more traditional style with strict rules and regulations. If you are writing your resume for such a company, better you use any conventional resume template.

Reflection of required skills

You have to see if the job that you are applying for require any kind of skill that can be presented in a resume. You have to choose the right resume template that reflects the skill that is required. Otherwise why that company would consider hiring you?

My profile

You have to describe yourself the way you want to portray yourself or the way the company wants to see you. A combination of these two criteria would make a resume that would be beneficial for you.

Personality reflection

Do you want the resume to reflect your personality or you just want to focus on your professional life? Sometimes reflecting your personality may decrease the chances of getting hired. For example, you mentioned on your resume that you like knowing new people. The employer may take it as a hindrance to your work. S/he may think you are going to give a lot of time and focus on making friendship rather working.

A good balance between audience and personality

You will have to create a good balance between your personality and the target audience. You will have found out a good way so that your personality blends with the target audience. This way you will be able to leave a good impression about yourself.


Look for the years of experience the employers are searching for. See if you have experience in the same field. If you have experience that matches with their requirement apply for those jobs.

Contact information

Always crosscheck the contact information. If you are staying in a rented apartment and have a plan to shift your house, use the contact address of any friend or family member who is reliable. It is always better to use your permanent address as a contact. Also, give an alternate phone number. It will be helpful if you lose your mobile phone accidentally and you are unable to use your sim card for a few days.

Before writing your resume, it is very important to focus on these factors as the different company aims for different resumes. For example, when you are planning to apply in a traditional company, you would like to avoid graphical presentation as those company used Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This software can’t recognize graphics. When you are planning for a job that requires creativity, you would want to be creative with your resume. So, understanding the kind of job that you are applying for is very imperative in creating an appropriate resume.

Few Types of Resume Templates

The traditional resume templates

Th traditional resume template requires the use of data to represent all the information. Usually, traditional resume templates are monographic and very simple.

The modern resume templates

The modern resume template uses pops of colors to highlight specific points. They are very colorful and uses graphics to represent information. They use icons to present social media contacts.

The creative resume templates

The creative resume templates are created to show your creativity. Jobs like fashion designing or graphic designer needs those kinds of resumes. These resumes use a lot of colors and also infuses various geometrical shapes.

The ugly resumes

Sometimes we like too much to play with colors and make our resumes get noticed. They surely get noticed but in a negative way. Choose colors that are soothing the eyes so that you create a good impression. Don’t overdo with graphics and ugly designs.


Writing a good resume can be a hard task for some people. They might land up with a job that is degrading to their qualification. Using resume templates will bring a sigh of relief to their life. You can purchase any item from the above list of best resume templates 2020 that you think is suitable for your job. It is all about creating a good impression. Good luck with your professional life!

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