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Best Responsive WordPress Themes 2016

If you are working with WordPress; the world’s most popular CMS then you definitely know there are millions of free and premium WordPress themes available at your disposal. All these themes are not equally compatible for different devices and cannot assure the same quality. Let’s see and talk about some of the best premium responsive WordPress themes of 2016.

Why do I need a responsive theme?
What is the characteristic exists in any popular theme today? It’s responsive. Now a day people are not using internet only with computers. The world is moving fast and more people are browsing websites through their smart phones or tablets. You can browse any website with any device that supports internet, but the site won’t appear properly on all devices if the site is not responsive. Let’s guess, you are browsing our website (which is designed with a responsive theme) with your tablet PC.
The website is fitted perfectly on your “tablet”. It wouldn’t, if it was not responsive and I am quite sure you would leave this page before checking how helpful the article is and how quality full themes we are talking about. Your visitors will do exactly the same with your site when they will face the same problem. You are doing a lot to take your site over others’ serving in the same industry. Why letting your visitors go away for the lack of functionality.
We are not talking about one or two particular types of themes. Any type of site you are designing; either it’s a blog site or a magazine site or any other, we can take you to some of the best WP themes for 2016. So please don’t leave us before you read the last word of this article. I am sure it will be worth your time.
Let’s discuss about some of the best free and paid responsive WordPress themes of 2016.

Best WordPress themes for blogs:

Blogs have evolved over the years, so did the themes and the plugins. WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS for blogs offering thousands of themes. You might feel confused to choose the right theme from so many options. A list of carefully selected latest themes for blogs can make the task much easier. Here is a list of some of the best WordPress themes for blogs. All of them are responsive and packed with loads of useful features. Now you can concentrate on writing instead of worrying how to edit the theme. All of these themes are very easily editable with their customizable features. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check them out.

Best WordPress magazine themes:

Are you looking for an awesome eye catching theme for your magazine or news site? No matter what type of news or magazine site, you are running, it’s important to be easily navigable and have a trendy look. The theme you are using must be flexible and packed with useful features. Here is a list of the top best WordPress magazine themes of 2016. They are trendy, easy to navigate and packed with loads of useful features. You don’t have to know CSS coding to customize these themes. All of them are responsive thus automatically fits on any device and screen resolution.

Premium WordPress magazine themes:

Premium themes are the best option if you want to use a high quality theme with long term customer support. You can directly contact with the support team for any kind of support and updates. You need extra functionality if you are a professional. And you know nothing can offer better functionality than premium themes. Let’s see some carefully selected best premium WordPress magazine themes for 2016. We have spent a lot of time to select them to save your time.

Best E-commerce WordPress Themes:

WordPress is one of the most familiar CMS for users and developers. WP is free and can be self hosted. WordPress was built for blogging, but it has been evolving over time and thousands of eCommerce sites are created with WordPress now a day. E-commerce sites require different specialized plugins.
All WordPress themes are not equally optimized to work with these plugins. Easy navigation and professional look are also crucial. Hundreds of eCommerce WordPress themes are out there with different levels of quality and functionality. It’s a time consuming task to find out “the one” you are looking for in this huge mass. That’s why we’ve made a list of some of the best eCommerce WordPress themes of 2016. Let’s check them out.

Best Corporate WordPress Themes:

The aim of using a corporate theme is to let a visitor know what the business is dealing with at the first look. Some themes do this job by putting the main message at the top or using a slider. Let’s have a tour to some of the best corporate WordPress themes trending now.

Best bootstrap themes:

Bootstrap has brought a revolution in website developing. It made web developing work easier than before added a lot of extra functionality. Bootstrap is getting more popular day by day and lots of best bootstrap themes are being added to the market. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Free premium WP themes:

Do you wish to use premium WordPress themes for free? Here are some of the best premium WP themes you can download for free. Premium themes come with a lot of useful functionality and it feels amazing when you can get them for free. Free premium WP themes offer almost all the functionality of a premium theme, but if you want full customer support and latest updates there is no other way than purchasing them. Using free themes is ok for initial level, but they are not developed for money sites.
If you want to use a free theme than it’s better to choose a theme that has a premium version and you can upgrade to the premium version letter. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the top free premium WP themes.
We hope you’ve found this article helpful. In your search quest for the best responsive WordPress themes 2016, if you have found something that should be included in the list; please let us know.